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Historical Statistics in Admin Client - Anyone get it to Work?
~Olga Brenuzennivu 01/13/2004 04:33 PM
Domino Administrator All Releases; 6.0.2 CF1 All Platforms; Windows 2000

Has anyone been able to use the Historical Statistics option in the Admin Client, under Server>Performance? So far I have had zero luck having it parse our 'collect'ing server's statrep.nsf. It always claims there is no data available once I select a date range. As far as I can tell there is no documentation available either for this feature!

I did have some success making a local replica of the statrep and using that. However, it only shows one day of data in the graph that is generated! (Tried with and without Auto-Scale). So much for 'historical'.

What am I missing? I've got a call open with IBM but it takes months for me to get answers to anything they can't look up in the Help file. :)


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